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About Nadine
At home with Nadine
Tranquility near Byron Bay
Nadine in her kitchen

Nadine in her kitchen

Nadine's kitchen is the soul of her home, especially on weekends when she entertains or holds cooking classes. "there is no point in cooking if I'm not feeding people," she says. "Cooking for others keeps my writing and teaching alive."

For Nadine to buy the house the kitchen had to measure up to Nadine's specifications. " The distances betwen the central aisle and the stove, fridge and cupboard are very manageable, and the open shelves have wide drawers that pull out," she explains. "I love being able to stand at the sink and look out onto a garden. I have gardenias right outside and the scent fills the kitchen."

"I'd love to change the saying 'bring a plate' to 'bring yourself and lets cook together'."

That's exactly what happens several Sundays a month. when Nadine conducts specialised cooking classes at her home. Each day features demonstrations and hands-on preparation, followed by a meal in the huge dining area.


Extracts from article and photos reprinted with permission from the InsideOut magazine (April 2004 issue)

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Nadine's home
is for sale.

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