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Vegetable cookery books by Nadine Abensur

Wonderful vegetable recipes for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

Enjoy - hot off the press!
The Cranks Bible
Cranks Fast Food
Cranks Light
The New Cranks Recipe Book

What people say about Nadine's cookery books

"Nadine (as she is known in my family) is the person who made me realize that vegetarian cooking can be luxurious, flavorful, varied, fast and festive food. She always has an interesting story about how the recipe came about or how she uses it in her daily life; and at the end of the descriptions is often a number of suggestions for ways you could vary the dish or other things that you could serve the dish with to make a meal. This is very helpful. "

"I love the personal memoirs Nadine has written at the start of each recipe, it gets the gastric juices flowing!"


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