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Cookery Class Dates

Sorry - we do not yet have any dates for Nadine in Melbourne in 2007

Vegetarian Cookery Classes in Melbourne with Nadine Abensur

Nadine has been offering her entertaining, innovative, information packed and sophisticated cookery classes at Essential Ingredient in Melbourne this year. Even if you are not a vegetarian the recipes and techniques shown will provide a most delicious and welcome addition to your cooking repertoire. Nadine's firm grounding in the cooking of the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, Italy and France is reflected in her writing and teaching. It also informs the finesse and originality of her recipes.

Modern Middle Eastern

Become familiar with the spicing of the middle east and eastern Mediterranean and learn to use saffron, cumin, paprika, coriander, caraway, preserved lemons, rose and orange blossom waters, as well as pomegranate molasses, in a way relevant to a refined modern palate.

Learn to make spice mixtures, sauces and chutneys including Chermoulah, Harissa, Ras al Hanout and use these to create both simple and exotic specialities as well as elaborate feasts, Pilafs and Tagines and the famous Moroccan "Couscous Royal" .

Classes in Sydney   Classes in Brisbane  Classes in Byron Bay

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